June 11, 2011

Celena's Pizza and Best Western Hacienda

First my rant and if I have time I will recap our trip!  And that will more than likely be in a different post as I'm pretty ticked right now!!!

We left after Church on Sunday and flew to SD for several reasons - one being me needing the dentist rather badly - It worked that the contractors really wanted us out of the house so they could get thier work done - but - that's still another story!! LOL  I know, I do tend to run around the track a bit -
But to my rant!

I've been 'dentisting' all week.  My mouth has been to sore to eat since Monday morning!  Tonight she finished up everything (amazing in itself!) and it all feels really, really good.  And I'm hungry!!.

Keith and I walked down to Coldstone for a snack.  It's Friday night in Old Towne and everything is crowded - and long lines everyhwere - so we decied to come back and order from the flyer that we found in our room...  Celena's Pizza.

Boy, If you are ever in San Diego and find a flyer for Celena's Pizza - just use it for tp or something!!!
The flyer says "FREE DELIVERY TO MOST AREAS", as well as offering a 10% Military Discount, and $2 off if you have to use your cell phone.  The menu has a pretty good variety of pasta and pizza.  So we decide on the Pasta for 2 for $20.00 which included 2 salads, garlic bread, and 2 cokes.  Keith decided that he also wanted a piece of cheesecake - so ok....  Still not bad.  He got the spaghetti and meatballs and I ordered the lasagna.  It is announced that the total is 36.95 and 45 min to 1 hour.  It took a minute - (and after the hangup) for me to realize he hadn't gotten the credit card number either.  And I was still trying to figure out the total price.  So I find in little bitty words on the back - 'delivery charge $5.50  So.. still I am confused - but then again - that is normal... hahaa!!

So our food gets here and we give him the credit card - he says - give the number to the man on the phone - so - ok - and the man says there will be an additional charge for using the credit card!  and the free delivery is only in "most areas" -- so I ask several times where 'most areas' are and completely get the run around before he finally says, it must mean downtown... and then he wants a tip.  I know it's not his fault - but I just got ripped off for his tip by his employer!!  $10 for taxes, delivery charge, and credit card payment charge!!  and he wants a tip too???  Well, I left that part up to Keith - don't really know what he did - but GEEEZZZZ!!  And I looked up the place and it's in Mission Valley - a scant mile from here.  Talk about a total rip!!!

And we open our now lukewarm food - Keith has no meatballs, the lasagna is watery,the salads are wilty lettuce, no parm, the garlic bread was put in the bag with the cokes, and the portions are so small that Keith ate both of them... and the cheesecake was the size of a matchbox. 

So that is what you get from Celena's Pizza menu that is in the hotel room at Best Western Hacienda!!  So very disappointing ~ and so sad that yet another person just practices a rip off!

So, now I'm over my rant and feel all better - and hope to save some other sucker from being the same suckers we were!


Anonymous said...

I wish I would have read your review before I order my food. What some bs. Food total suck I wouldn't feed it to my dog.

Anonymous said...

Aggh, it isn't until something bad happens that I decided to look up if I was the only one who got screwed. I felt bad for the man asking me what tip amount I was going to give him, I thought maybe he really needs it. Nasty cold pizza and the weirdest liquid looking cheese bread, yuk. My husband couldn't stop laughing about how bad I got jipped. I'm pregnant and had a craving, darn. There goes my stuffed panda from the zoo I wanted, at least if it was worth it, but yeah a $24 pizza turned into almost $40

Anonymous said...

Wish i had known about this before ordering the most ridiculous Buffalo Wings ever received. I complained to the San Diego Airport Motel 6 for even allowing these pizza cretins to operate in their establishment. The California BBB has been notified of this.

Diane said...

I have since been at Best Westerns that have a poster letting us know that those flyers under the door are NOT endorsed by them at all and to please disregard them. Sure wish I'd seen a sign like that in San Diego!

Of course, being an adult ~ I shoulda known better! LOL

Pamela said...

I actually filed a complaint with the health department since 3 of us became ill. Bernardo just called me back to tell me that Sabrinas was a very clean nice place with temperatures within normal limits. I told him it was called Celenas and there was no address on the flier, of course I had to tell him this 3 times and then he asked if it was Celenas, why did I tell them Sabrinas and the asked me if I wanted to file a complaint on another place. I told him no since I didn't want to push what mental capabilities he already had. He also said they had never had a complaint before, which I know is a lie. Thanks for havin this on your blog.