May 25, 2013

2013 - Almost Summer!!! April and May

It's been a while - again!  Got so far behind!  And I've been busy too!

We got headed home mid-April.  Keith had his appointment for the surgery to correct the 'swan's neck' syndrome in his 3 "leftist" fingers of his left hand.  After many miles and absolute circle jerks with the VA (yes, Veteran's Health Administration) we totally gave up on them and went to Dr. Butters at Slocum Ortho in Eugene!  His surgery was scheduled for May 28 - right outta the box!!  I was like - YEA - go team!!  So great!

So we did the preop before we headed north to Bremerton!  We took the travel trailer up and parked it in S'te and Rod's driveway before boarding the Holland-America Westerdam for our 7 day Alaska Cruise!
1st day on board in Seattle :)

Dressed for Dinner

Keith worked with him for several years.  They were on board 

with their daughter and son-in-law

Just one of the glaciers - we were lucky enough to see it 'calving' just a little.  The blue is the 'fossilized' snow and is what makes it a glacier.

Map of where we were on Glacier Bay

Keith was so excited - we took a helicopter ride up onto a glacier near Mendenhall Glacier.

Us standing on the Glacier with ice boots
A picture from the helicopter (in the air) of the cracks and crevasses in the glacier.

Another photo of the ice field from the air - and of the weather that came in right behind us.
The helicopter ride was awesome.  At times I was glad that I was sandwiched between Keith and another couple in the back seat.  It was quite a ride.  Weather came in right behind us and they sent a 'scout' helicopter in for our pilots to follow out.  Ours was the only trip of the day... 'due to weather'...  sure glad we were on the ground when I heard that!  haha!!
 Keith went into town by himself in Ketchikan.  I just wasn't up to it.  I watched the activity from the Lido Deck and we both enjoyed our days.  Keith went ashore in Seward also - They used the dingy's to go ashore and I just didn't think that would work for me :)  I only went ashore in Juneau and Victoria.

We had an awesome trip - we played some slots, a few table games, went to the entertainment each evening, and of course, we ATE, and we ATE, and we ATE!  We invested to a week pass for the hydro-pool and sauna - and that was totally unbelievable.  We saw wolves, fish, whales, people, food, all sorts of birds - early spring - everything was just waking up.  The whales were awesome but surfaced so quickly I didn't get any good photos :) 

In  Victoria - the ship had an issue with Customs so - even tho' we actually arrived early - we berthed about an hour late and also at the same time as another ship - it was an unbelievable mess!  No one seemed to know where anyone was going - or supposed to go.  The signage was vague - and we got wrong directions several times.  Our excursion was supposed to go to one of the Castle's, to the "Hotel" for Tea, and tour the historic area - a 3 hour tour... (reminds me of Gilligan's Island) hehee... BUT... we got in the wrong line - went to another line - got told to go back to the 1st line - got told this is NOT the right line - and I finally got change to call the number - and found the guy - and it as already 7 and the ship was leaving at 10 - and it was SOOOO cold!!!!  He just gave me a refund - I paid $140 USD for the excursion for 2.  He refunded 140 CanDollars - and then I had to pay 10% to the exchange to change it back to USD... I really got ripped...  A bit annoyed for sure!  We got back on the ship and had some culinary therapy and went to enjoy the Casino for the last evening!  We learn a great lesson every single day :)

S'te picked us up from the ship on Saturday morning and wah-laa - there was a Jaguar's Track Meet in Seattle!  So we drove across town and watched the kids!  They did so great!



We also looked at, and put in an offer, on the house across the street from them.  It is a smelly, trashy, tore up, and a foreclosure to boot.  But it is has so many possibilities!  I'm thinking it could be an awesome place with a lot of work!! 

So - we shall see.  Next on the agenda is Keith's hand surgery. 

Whatever the mind of man can conceive 
and believe, 
it can achieve. 
–Napoleon Hill

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