December 19, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Hello Everyone!
It is time again for you all to suffer through another one of those annual updates from me!  We have had a not very interesting and not really very busy, but at the same time, very eventful year!
On Keith’s health front, his Parkinson’s is doing great. His neurologist is totally happy with the “lack of” progress that this disease has made.  Such a good thing!  I credit that with his absolute dedication to maintaining as much independence as he can and taking pretty good care of himself.  On the other hand, … this blasted arthritis is kicking our collective butts…  Last fall, Keith suffered a couple partial dislocations of his left shoulder.  In March, problems with that shoulder caused a reverse shoulder replacement surgery, a second surgery to remove the prosthesis a month later, and a collective two month stay in rehabilitation center after the surgeries.   That took us up to middle of May before he was released from the rehab the second time.  Thankfully, he is still recovering his strength and is faithful in going to physical therapy twice a week to maintain and try to improve balance issues.  God is good!
Concentrix (where I was working) closed their doors in February, so I was not working for the time period when Keith was going through the surgeries and initial recoveries and was able to stay close and entertain him when he was unable to get around at all.  I went to work at Lowes during the spring and was there until August, when Keith began having issues with his right arm and shoulder which made me feel as though I was needed more at home J and they seemed unwilling to work with me on scheduling.  So I again became Keith’s major pain in the hiney  haha!  

In family tradition:  In April, our granddaughter Brayana left for the Army!  She has decided that she wants to be a Combat Medic and we are so very proud of her.  Our hearts break at the thought of this precious baby being out in COMBAT, but at the same time are so proud that her heart is leading her to wanting to help others and stand for our Country.   She is currently at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX.  In November, Grandson Jay (Jaleel) also headed out for Army life.  He is currently in Ft. Benning, GA.  It will be a quiet Christmas getting used to both of these two being on their new life journeys.

In May, son in law Rod retired from the Navy after serving for 22 years.  It was great to be able to host Rod’s parents and brother when they came to visit and attend a most beautiful  and moving ceremony.  It was great that all 4 generations of his family is so photogenic!   Bray was missed greatly and one of these days I will figure out how to put her into this picture….  I know… where there is a will …. Hahaa!!  

We were able to take a short trip down to visit Dad and Evie during Labor Day.  It was a short visit and I was so glad to be able to go down and visit for a bit!  Then in October they unexpectedly sold their winter place in Arizona, and S’te volunteered to “Papa sit” (LOL) so I flew down to AZ, met them and Tanya, and we packed them up for them to move all the rest of their worldly goods (hahaha) together in Oregon.  So dad is once again, an Oregon resident!!!  Another clue to the “never say never” adage…. And I got to spend a bit more time with Dad!  He is doing pretty well.  He is now 84 and gets around much better than many his age.  He still cannot hear much… even with his hearing aids – which he does wear these days… and he still likes to tell the same stories… but still enjoy spending what time I get to with him!

It has been a blessing for April to have been able to bring Logan out and visit twice this year!  Due to the extended recovery we have not been able to get back to the mid-west and visit with Mom Beatty and the rest of the family.  It has been really great to be able to be host to Keith’s nephew Jason and his buddy Cotton also!!!  Keith had an absolutely, the most awesome 75th Birthday with them here!  It was wonderful!  Wish I had gotten a photo of everyone!  We had a houseful with great fun and good food!  It was a great day!  Logan is growing so fast and furious… he is a joy to see – each and every time we are blessed to get to.

Elizabeth’s fantastic volleyball talents have earned her the offer and she has committed with Marquette Golden Eagles at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are so very proud of her, her hard work, and how well she uses her talents and abilities. Brennan worked another whole summer in baseball. Traveling all over with tournaments and doing so very well! He is loving his first year in High School, playing basketball, and just being 15! They are all just growing up way to fast!

We were absolutely blessed with the ability to do a family cruise to Alaska during August!  I hunted for the photo that was taken when we boarded – but didn’t find it …. But here is the back half of the van when we got underway!  It was a great trip.  Glacier Bay was in it’s glory being midsummer and we could do the train to White Pass as it has handicap availability.  Makk connected with a group his age and really did the teen party trip… he seemed to have a blast and the rest… well… everyone seemed to have a great time!  I was so happy and content seeing my chickies being busy and enjoying themselves.  It was quite different from the family trip of 9 years ago … where swimsuits and horserides were the thing… beings at it was a Mexican cruise…  LOL  What a wonderful world we live in! 
So, enough is enough… all in all, we are well, healthy and ready for a wonderful 2017!!! 
Merry Christmas to All!!!  And a Happy and Prosperous 2017 to everyone!!!  

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