July 11, 2009

Busy week~

Independence Day was great! Sallie the chef invited several over and we had our own celebration with wonderful food. Of course the food is always wonderful when we are at Clint and Sallie's. We had BBQ'd tuna, tri-tip, and chicken, accompanied by all the salads, chips, dips, fresh garden veggies (and I mean RIGHT out of the garden!), and great company! We met several of our neighbors that we didn't know and saw a few that we haven't seen since we were here last year. We are all so very thankful to all the Men and Women in Uniform that makes free and easy gatherings like this possible. Without them things like this wouldn't be possible!

We took the plunge and went up to Powers to visit. For as much as Keith travels - he doesn't care for the Powers Highway )-: But he went and we spent a really nice afternoon visiting with Aunt Nita, Uncle Jim, and Dad. Then they dropped by here for a bit Thursday afternoon. I got to show Dad our little place here and talk a bit about all of our 'big' plans~ several years' worth to put it mildly... but who knows what we might get started... with a little help from our families.... LOL
Kim's picture!
Keith is gone again for awhile. It's a good thing he loves to travel - as he has been doing a lot of it lately! We went up on Thursday for him to fly out really, really early on Friday morning. Then Baby and I came back down the coast. It was a really pretty drive. Beautiful blue sky and the dark green trees! Just Wonderful! except the part where I got stuck in the Oregon Country Fair traffic... And I wasn't even going to it. I'm not near 'country' enough for it! LOL

I got home just in time to welcome 2 little girls for the weekend and the three have pretty much kept me busy today. The girls "helped" me pick peas and strawberries and thin out the carrots. "We" also got some apricots, apricot jam, mixed berry jam, and strawberry jam done for Amanda to take up to S'te this weekend. Got all of that done just in time for Amanda to take some still~cooling jam up with them. Thanks so much Amanda and Jason. I got all of S'te's 'stuff' sent up ~ and forgot to give Amanda Danika's birthday gift... CRS... it's coming of fast....

Time to get kids ready for bed....

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