February 11, 2010


Oh, blast insurance companies!!  They seem to think that they are doing us a huge favor when they pay out for the things that they so gladly take our premiums for!~~
The Nursery
The Bathroom

Progress is slow
but there has been some

Insurance company
s l o w e r !!

It is really, really frustrating!!

I got a call from Lowes this morning.  The last of the materials for the rebuild is being delivered today.  Now all I have to do is figure out a way to pay for it!!  For some reason when it is time for the premiums - everything is real expensive - but when it's time to 'pay up' - everything is real cheap.  Like - where can I carpet an entire room (material and install) for $154??    And remember - this isn't in a major metro area either (so everyone charges freight on everything too!) !!

Frustration central!!

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