December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Since our last post life has settled in pretty well.  At Christmas we took our to kids and went up to S'te's for a few days.  It was great!
 Our Decor at home
Taniyah's 7th Birthday Cake that S'te baked and decorated! How time flies!!! 

 Friends over for cake!
 And the arrival of TYREQUE!!!  A huge suprise for the kids!  They were SO happy to see him (as were we!)  He is looking so good!
 Ladaria's new look - she's all grown up!!
 The boys all ready for Christmas Eve Service!
 Mak and Kyaria
 Baby T all ready for Church!
 And the whole family after the service!

We headed back down to the big city of Coos Bay and were rewarded with a beautiful drive.  It rained (after all, this is the great northwest) for a portion of the drive - but in the most part - it was nice.  It was a wonderful visit, we had a great time - and I love seeing 'my' babies as often as possible!

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