July 13, 2012

Almost Summer - July 2012

Geez - I fall way behind - don't I??  I guess it really doesn't matter - no one comments - so I'm mostly typing as therapy.. :-)

The beginning of February our little girl was paired with a forever home.  It was a great journey for her and a testament that even our convoluted system doesn't get everyone down.  We still have the Tman and he is a total joy!  He is 'surfing' now and calls me mama and Keith dada.  We tell him Amah and Papa but he tells us back .... mamamamama and dadadada. ... another glitch in the system... he is growing so well and so fast!  A testament to my belief that giving birth does not bring forth a mommy any more than the act of donating sperm makes a daddy...  So sad in so many ways... but back to lighter!

In March I had another rather major surgery.  Mom came up and stayed with me and took care of the baby while I was recuperating.  Thank God for her!  Keith helped as much as he could - but there is just something about a woman's touch when you don't feel well.  Her and Tman bonded well and he is well-loved by all his grandma's and grandpas as well as us.  He is the light of our lives!

We had SNOW this year in March!  1st day of Spring Break!  Such weird, weird weather these days!

On my way down 101 one morning I happened upon this sight - brunch at the Red Lion!  I thought it was so unique to our little part of heaven that I pulled over and took a couple of photos!  I watched as they finished their snack and wandered on up the road towards the woods.  I never know just what I will find next!


 Then Track and Field Season started!  Mom and I took Baby T up and visited for a couple of days and attended the only meet that was held during that time.  Man, it was nice but the wind was cold!!!  And that evening this truck was parked at the hotel we stayed at.  I got to touch a huge part of history!  It was so moving - tears!!!!

I babysat for a bit for my Cousin Linda's great-grandson Jordan (does that sound like we are getting old?) and had a blast!  My goal in life was to have a huge family - complete with kids and grandkids coming in and out all the time and big Sunday dinners - and all that old fashioned stuff - so having Jordan and some connection with family was wonderful.  Chelsea found more permanent daycare after about a month and I hear that they are all doing great.  He is a real sweetie and he and Baby T played so well together!

T-man is doing great, and we've added a new member!!!  This is Cinco!  Mr. Tim had a neighbor that had puppies!  Mr Tim was supposed to get one - boy was he all excited... but it didn't happen - but I did!!  Cinco started out as "Bucky" but Mom noticed that his birthday is Cinco de Mayo - hence the name.

Brayana did wonderfully at State and Jaleel and Brayana both competed at the USAFT Regional Competition!  It was awesome!  It was as hot there in Bend as it was cold in Washington! 

Michelle came over to see us at the field!
Michelle and S'te and a few of the kids!
My Dad and I
I think I will save the rest for another post... Since this turned into a book!

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