August 13, 2011

Happy Days!

After flying across the US - we (Brayana and I) got everything ready for her parents and siblings to arrive.  I'll tell you what~ She was one happy camper knowing that her time alone with 'grumpy old people' was finally going to come to an end :)  It was quite an experience for her being an only child for so long!  After getting back - she successfully passed her Driver's Permit test and and the wonderful gentleman (mmmm) gave ME a book to read!  I was cleaning out the van the other day -and came across the book ~ I guess I forgot to pass that on! LOL

Rod, S'te, and family made the mad dash from Bremerton on Friday - from what I heard - it was after several 'false starts' and this time they made sure to gas up before leaving Lane County!  When there isn't a gas station open for a 100 mile stretch - it makes forward planning a necessity! Brayana jumped up at the sound of the van arriving - for a joyous round of hellos!  Even after the long drive and late arrival - they all were up and excitedly getting their custom tie-dyed (by S'te) shirts (and of course a dress for Tetee!) on for their excursion to the Dulley family reunion!  This is S'te's grandmother's family on her father's side! LOL 

Don't they look wonderful!  I am so proud of them all!

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