August 7, 2012

Summer of 2012

Ok, I'm back for a few.  Not a terrible lot happening these days.  We've pretty much settled into a routine here in the wonderful Northwest Territory.  Hehee...
Keith and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary.  Mom was here to watch Tristin and we went to the movies.  Our first night out since we went to see Peter Noone of the Herman's Hermits back in February.  THAT was a wonderful show!!  But tonight we went to see "Hunger Games" - because of all the media reviews - but we agreed that it really didn't live up to what we'd heard.  Now we know... haha. 

Dad has turned Chato into a "quad dog"!  Any time he hears the quad start up - he goes running!  He rides behind me but in front of Dad!  These were taken out at Yellow Creek on July 4th.  We went out and had burgers and salads - but were back in Coos Bay in plenty of time to watch the fireworks from our front yard.

 Deer on the rise in the back yard at Evies'.
 Dad playse with Cinco (our new Chi puppy) while a very, very jealous Chato looks on!  Cinco was born on Cinco de Mayo (hence the name) and weighed 18 ounces when he arrived at our house at 6 weeks.  He is a funny little guy - a great dane isn't any braver - or have less of an appetite!
 Grandpa will always be Chato's favorite lap!
 Tristin is waiting to see what Gma GG drops!!
 Keith is ready to head back to 'the barn' after a long day!

The Rhody by the front steps is finally growing - after being moved 3 times in 3 years!

The dahlias that Rod, S'te, and Jaleel planted last year coming to life!

Our baby Tristin at 11 1/2 months old  finally taking some steps!

Baby Cinco is growing!

Keith spent most of the month of July traveling. Here is a photo of him and April in her living room just before he left to come back home.  He had a good trip, San Diego, St. Charles, and Charlestown - got to see lots of old school chums, work friends, and of course, the most important, FAMILY!

So this takes us to August... I will post Tristin's birthday photos really soon!

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