December 25, 2013

2013 Christmas Time in Missouri

Baby Logan  is coming up on 4 months old and April says he is growing like a weed!  He looks so much like Brennan did that it is almost complete deja' vu for me.  Mostly since about all I had of Brennan at this age were also photos :)  He is sure a cutie.  April sends us photos and videos pretty often.   I sure wish we were ALL closer.  I saw Elizabeth a few times when she was tiny like this but not very often since.

Brennan and Elizabeth all dressed for winter!
Elizabeth and Rick 

Brennan's basketball team.  He really did great - as always!

April's tree with all the different ornaments from over the years.  It is definitely 1 of a kind :)  Maybe someday we will have the pleasure of spending Christmas with this set of wonderful grandchildren ~

"Grandchildren complete the Circle of Love"

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