January 1, 2014

2013 Christmas in Washington

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 Our pretty tree in the front window of our new house.  Not to bad for 9 days after unloading our storage unit!  LOL  Bray and Jay helped me by putting up the outside lights :)  They scared me to death up there laying around and hanging over the roofline!  I think they had fun arranging and rearranging the lights so they looked the best.  Next year we will have more of an idea of how they are going to look - so it WILL be better :)  but I love how they strung these :)


and we went to Cavelle's 1st grade Christmas Program... As you can see - it was a tad bit long for him ~ but he actually did really really well!!!!  It was a great program!

And to several of Desi's JB and  Bray's Varsity Basketball Games :)

and  to Makkiah's band concert :)

 He is playing a mean trombone!!!

 And to Jay's band concert :) He actually plays in 3 band so we got to watch him more than most!!

And a really nice lady came barreling out of the Church parking lot and tried real hard to take my bumper off...  S'te came right out and checked on us ~ and took Papa on to the YMCA for his group - Did $6,000+ worth of damage - she hit hard enough to even break the bumper mounts...  Absolutely no problem though.  Uptown Auto Body did an awesome job in getting it all repaired - good as new - made sure we had a rental car - it was almost a painless process!

 And on the 20th I had surgery on both hands :(  I had a trigger finger release on my right hand and carpal tunnel release on my left...  I was pretty well no-handed for several days
 and somewhere along the lines - we went to the Elk's (BPOE) Family Christmas party and the kids got to do the Limbo, Musical Chairs, and, of course, See SANTA!!!!  Keith ended up joining the Elk's Lodge so it will be a new place to see people - and it's nice and close too!
 And we strung popcorn for a whole afternoon!  and then hung it out on the bushes :)

 Makkiah in his winter attire LOL  He made an arrow out of his as he decorated part of the front yard :)

and I think a good morning was had by all!  

I fixed breakfast and Rod and S'te prepared a huge dinner.  We had all sorts of goodies!  Ladaria and her boyfriend made it over and spend the afternoon - so the kids had all their kids together again for Christmas :)  I am so glad they now how special that is!

Today is the 1st Day of the 
Rest of Your Life 
What you do with it is up to you!

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