December 26, 2010

2010 Christmas in Kentucky

As we traveled beyond the Arch and Busch Stadium and
on across the Mississippi
I remembered the song we used to sing before Thanksgiving - Over the river and thru the woods - to Dolores's house we go!  
It wasn't as nice out as we'd been having - but again - the weatherman says there is a storm coming - seems we've been staying just long enough to be sandwiched between them all along!

Loiusville was waiting for us - along with some blue (ish) skies!  The trip didn't seem as long as it has before - maybe I'm just enjoying this trip way to much! ;-)

And Chaito had another friend waiting for playtime!  Dolores and Kenny were dogsitting Jackson - and they (both dogs) absolutely had a blast.  They would play and roll until we thought they should be exhausted - and rest a bit - and play some more... oh... for the energy!!
Chaito even got his own lamb Chop!!
Keith and I got books and smellies, and food (Kentucky style)
I even got gifts!  
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve!  It has been several years since Keith spent Christmas with his family - Dolores's girls brought their families and friends over for dinner and gift exchange.  I met Keith's nieces and nephews,  everyone ate - and then of course (like Chaito) many were ready for naps.  On Sunday, Faith and a friend joined us for Church and a really rushed dinner before heading back to their home - Dolores had to take Mom, Melody, and Heather back also.  The van that Dolores borrowed for the trip was so full that the 'loot' from the exchange had to be left for Monday's trip over.  I brought sample boxes for the exchange.  Samples of good Oregon product - straight from my kitchen LOL - and I do think that everyone liked what was in them.  I didn't see anyone 'sharing' or doing any trading - I didn't know that there were going to be so many there (I wasn't really thinking - of course) so I didn't have them boxed to distribute better - and I'll know better next time!  I learn something each and every day ;-)

Christmas dawned with another play date - Jackson was waiting at the door for Chaito to be able to play!

And the snow arrived!
And it was a great day to hide our noses and nap! or otherwise relax! ;-)

I miss having the family occasions like we used to have.  It seemed so much more like Christmas this year than in years past.

Tomorrow morning we say another good-by and head towards Florida!  Kenny gave us the updates and tips on getting the best for our house when we return - so - it's time to go put it on the market and cross our fingers!!

Happy New Year!!

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