December 2, 2010


I GOT TO MEET NICK AGAIN!   I know it is a little odd (maybe a lot odd) that as I get older; I want to reconnect with those who are part of my own history. And those of you who don't like it or don't care - don't read.

So anyway, via Gerald's death notices and his friends fond (and some not so fond, but we aren't going there) memories an old school friend of Whitey's called.  And another found my on Facebook; and thru their friend lists - I got a few more calls and more to smile over.  I found out that two of Gerald's favorite friends were able to visit him during his very last couple of days.  In the 'kites' that were passed on with his effects, I know that he was very, very excited over this visit!  Thank you Allen and Karen from the bottom to the top of my heart for making the trip over there!  He wrote telling me of the visit - the note was still in his boxes that came later.  It absolutely made his week.  In my heart, I feel that that final visit calmed his soul enough to pass.   AND - it was thru these calls - after he passed - that I FOUND NICK!

I was so excited - there are those that tried to pee on my parade - but I found him.  I hope those with poor attitudes just stay away from him - he had a hard way to go anyhow.  I am not excusing Gerald.  He was worse than a poor father; he was not a father.  He didn't know how to be a father.  He was written off and ignored by his own father from the time Mom brought him to Oregon clear to his death.  Of course, why would Jack Dean Smith make it any different for Gerald.  He already wrote off 2 other sons earlier in his life.  Yes, Gerald had 2 older brothers.  I don't think that Jack ever paid a dime of support for ANY of his sons and I know he barley acknowledged them.  I remember when our Mother passed, I contacted Jack, and he flat said "so what".  He didn't even ask about Gerald.  (I was so amazed that I was speechless, if you can even imagine that!)  So, in effect, that is what Gerald knew. When the Mom takes the child; that's it; you are done.  But that made it really bad for Nick.  But...

I found him.  I called him.  His wife Tasha called me back.  Nick has 4 children, a job that he has worked at for several years, he is close enough that I can even get by there again!  Tasha seemed to be a really sweet person.  She told me all about the kids!

So, after we left Bremerton, we spent the next night at 7 Feathers in Canyonville, OR.  We were on our way out of the parking lot, headed for Mom's (my stepmom) in Anderson, when Tasha called me again.  Unfortunately Nick was at work so our little visit would be very short.  So, Tasha met us at the Interstate and we followed her (and baby Ethan and their oldest, Candice) over to where Nick works.  He took his break and came out.  I got a couple of hugs, their address, a little bit of history, found out that Arlene is doing well, and I got a couple of hugs (did I say that already? hahaa).  Since Nick was on break - it was a very short visit - but Tasha and the kids went to Mexican lunch with us.  What sweet kids - I got to sit and hold Ethan to my heart's content.  I LOVED it!!

Way to soon Tasha needed to go meet the school bus, she invited us to their home and to meet the other kids but...

It is winter, their is snow on the passes, the prediction is for more snow, so, we felt the need to get over them during the daylight.

But I met them, the ice is broken and I certainly hope to see more of them.

My one regret is...I was so excited - I didn't get any pictures... but Ethan looks so much like Nick and Nick's great-grandma Haven Smith!

So, on to Mom's we go!!

Here is a couple that Keith took.  Medford, Or, and the Siskiyou Mountains between Oregon and California!

When is the last time you saw a Woolworth's sign? 

I5 over the Siskiyou's

Snow wasn't bad - but it turned out we were just in front of the storm!

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