November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving in Bremerton with Rod, S'te, and the grandkids

On our way up we got word that there was no power at the kids' house.  We knew when we started out that it had been off for a day - but who knew that it would still be out!  We kept up hourly communication as we drove North and by the time we got to Tacoma and there was still no power ~ Even Mak's battery to his feeding pump had exhausted it's back-up ~  they had used the outside grill for cooking ~ and S'te announced that it was colder in the house than outside ~ and she'd found out that lines were down in a hard-to-access-area and no one was even giving a guess as to when the power might be restored.... Keith started calling around Bremerton for a warm place to stay!  Finally, after many calls, he found 3 rooms (the last they had) at the Marriot in downtown.  Frantic, we reserved all 3.  They were King Suites - but hey - they were warm and would have a hot breakfast!!  But.. no doggy ... he'd have to stay in the van.  So he called the Elmores - told them to 'pack up' and meet us there.  They brought blankets, clothes, food (for the microwave), and we all got there just about the same time!  Cold and in great spirits and looking forward to cuddling up, getting warm, and watching some tv (back to electricity!), we all headed up to our rooms.  What a mix up!  The first room we opened had not yet been cleaned, there was still items in the fridge, bed was unmade, and towels on the floor.  So, we checked out the next one on our list, it was good - so the kids all piled in while we headed back downstairs.  At the desk, they apologized profusely (things were quite busy and confusing with the widespread power outage!), and housekeeping headed straight up to do the room.  Then we tried the key for the last one (it was next door to the one being cleaned), and someone asked (rather historically)  "can I help you?"!  SOMEONE WAS ALREADY IN IT!  So we headed BACK downstairs - and while waiting our turn - we decided that 2 rooms would probably be enough (at over $150/per room, it was a good decision!) and the man at the desk that had been all over the county looking for a warm place to stay got a nice room - down the hall from us.  We headed out for food (for me) and the little place around the corner was close to out of everything!  We got our choices and headed back to the nice warm room.  There was ice all over the roads and sidewalks.  It was COLD!  I am sure glad that Keith was able to secure those rooms.  It was heavenly!  Cavelle and Tetee shared our space while Brayana and Destini got the sofa-bed.  S'te and Rod got the boys and Ladaria. ';-)  BTW - sleeping with Teters is a challenge, hehee!! 
S'te found that the power was restored early Wednesday morning - so after our hot breakfast - we headed down to the parking garage.  Chaito was so glad to see us - he ran back and forth between our pickup and their van.  Where there was people - he stayed!!  He ended up riding with his good friend, Naner, and we headed for the house.  What a way to start a trip!

So here are some photos of Thanksgiving!

Makkiah helps with the Deviled Eggs
Jaleel starts the process for his project!

Brayana thinking about her fruit salad

Busy in one of the kitchens!

Destini working on some clean-up
 We had a fun time with the dinner. Mak, Tetee, and I made bread in the breadmaker.  Mak also did his specialty, Deviled Eggs.  Destini got up early and helped with the turkey and dressing that she roasted, getting it into the oven in plenty of time (and it turned out awesome too), Ladaria made her green bean casserole, Brayana, Destini, and Jaleel (with a bit of help from Tetee and Mak) made a huge fruit salad!, AND  Rod did a smaller turkey in his oil-less deepfryer.  New neighbors and family friends joined in and we had a great dinner and a wonderful time!

The little kids corraled by Ladaria and listening to a story!

And then it was over.  Another memorable Thanksgiving!

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