June 28, 2009

Having fun now!

We have had a really nice visit! We went to Mingus Park for lunch, to feed the ducks, and to play, play, play!
Mak is giving CB a good push at the Toddler Playground

I think they are enjoying themselves!

And of course, our little hamarina!!

CB fed some ducks and ate some of the bread himself..

Mak shows CB just how it's done...

CB entertains himself really well. He seems to like the deck a bunch

while Tetee watches cartoons all huddled up

and Mak just lays back and enjoys his Sunday morning TV fix...

The weather has been pretty nice if a little windier than usual. About normal for here but a little chillier than they are used to. The valley has been really warm - so that means more wind for us.... so cool it valley!! We get some strange looks in our long sleeves and sweatshirts :-) Highs have been low 70's just about every day. Garden is doing great ~ the sweet peas got so heavy they pulled the fence forward and fell - Keith had to 'rope' them up or we'd be picking off of the ground!! Mak has had fun picking strawberries on a daily basis and Tetee helps me water every afternoon. CB runs and runs and runs his little legs off keeping up with everyone! Mak helped me pick the broccoli and cauliflower amidst Tetee's comments that she 'don't like that stuff' so we were wasting our time... LOL Well, she didn't eat it - but Keith and I sure did! and planted more for later..... :-)

Time is almost up, we will be taking them home next week. I am sure glad they got so spend some time with us.. What blessings~~

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Sharen Rea said...

Mingus Park! I have pictures of Brett on those same swings 29 years ago!

The kids look happy and the deck does too! Thank you for sharing the pictures!

love, Sharen