September 15, 2009

Labor Day

Rod and S'te had planned to bring the family down for the Labor Day Weekend. I had all sorts of goodies gathered to send back up with them. Some of the 'bounty' from the garden that seems to never end as well as the goodies that I had baked and canned during the summer. I love my remodeled kitchen. It is so nice to work in. A REAL cook still wouldn't have enough counter space or enjoy the odd layout that we ended up with. But I all love it! I have enjoyed using it all summer long. I have baked, canned, juiced, steamed, gelled, stir fried, boiled and anything else imaginable with the veggies and fruits that I've grown and picked so far.

So anyway, back to my story. The Navy decided that Rod's trip wasn't going to happen as we'd hoped so.... we got permission to take one of our babies and all of this STUFF to them. We had a really great time. I can't believe how much the kids all grow and develop so quickly. I got to see first hand and from the other side of the fence, how Sharen and I must've been during our pre-teen/teen years. oops... lol... The kids all seem to be loving the life up there in Washington and seem to be adjusting well to the change. School has started for them and all is chugging along. Mak is still having health issues but hope is eternal that somehow the puzzle pieces will fit and a diagnosis will be found along with the cure for the issues that just seem to be blooming.

So we make it back home - no tickets, no problems, no issues YAY!! and another holiday for 2009 has come and gone.

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