October 19, 2009

Our Weekend

On Friday the older 2 girls went with their Youth Group for retreat.  I dropped them, clothing (a LOT of clothing LOL), sleeping bags, pillows, and snacks off on our way out of town.  The younger 3 and I went down to DuPont, Washington to spend the weekend at the Liberty Inn!  

Jaleel and Taniyah were eager to see Mak and I know that all three were eager to see their Mommy and Daddy!!  The days without them went along well enough – but they missed them badly.  Actually, all of the kids missed Rod and S’te a whole bunch and did well in helping me keep body and soul together!

Anyhow, we spent a leisurely weekend at the 'hotel' as Taniyah was excitedly announcing in the days leading up to it.  The kids swam, S'te was able to come over from the hospital and spend some time with them down in the pool.  Rod came and took the older 2 over to the hospital to see Makk while Cavelle and I hung out, had dinner, and kicked back.  Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to go hug my grandbaby boy - by the time we got there I had a full fledged cough, runny nose, plugged ears cold ~ so a visit was not in my baby's best interest.  So I did the next-best-thing and made it possible for the others to spend some time with Makk.  Rod and Jaleel had to make a quick trip back up to Bremerton Saturday afternoon for Jaleels football game - which he and his team won - by the way!  They are heading off down the line to the playoffs - 1st time in 4 years they've had a good season!!  Way to go team!!

While Jaleel was off playing on the wet and soggy field - Tetee, CB, and I took the Hostesses advice and visited Charlies Safari down in Lacey.  It is a great place for kids to let off some energy when there has been 5 straight days of rain!  I think they had fun.  I was entertained and it was a great way to while away an afternoon.  We spent so long there that it was dark when we finally returned to the 'Hotel'.  LOL  They were all worn completely out and we had a nice calm deep sleep, no-argument-about-bedtime night.  The kids slept in this morning to the tune of ~ I woke them up so we could go to breakfast and they could get a swim in before we headed back North and pick up the returning girls.  We did get in a quick visit with Makk when we stopped to pick Rod up (he came back up with us) ~ even I had to at least see him before I left ~ but I kept my distance!  He had a rather rough morning and was not real excited about the company - but he was feeling much better by the time we left.

We made it back to town safely, the girls are home safely.  Everyone is tired (especially the ones back from the retreat LOL) and all tucked safely and tiredly in beds (with visions of lollipops dancing in their heads)!

The hope is for Makk to be released and be able to come home within the next day or two.  He is sore (of course) and was doing really well before (in my humble uneducated opinion) they decided to push him on the feeds and he started having issues again.  S'te and Rod have been vigilant in returning items on his trays that he cannot have and should not be eating.... since he hasn't had solid foods in so long - large meals or hot dogs (complete with roll!) didn't seem to be in his best interests (in their same kind of opinions).  Hopefully (again in that same sort of my opinion) the medical gurus will back off and let his little system find it's level and go from there.  Of course, that is the Grandma talking there!

Thank you everyone for all the prayers - I know that they have helped him in the quick early recovery - and he is feeling and doing much better, his voice sounds less raspy - and it can only get even better!

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