December 18, 2009

Friday in Cartagena, Columbia, South America

Happy Anniversary Rod and S'te!!  I'm thinking of you!!

We (or again, I) wussed out in this port.  For several days I have been hearing the jokes about the 'thugs' in Columbia.  Then, as always, our little info sheet was on our turned down bed (I know - SPOILED!!).  I read all of the warnings - as well as the notice about people getting sick from drinks, others being arrested and the ship leaving without them - AND warning beforehand that Princess would not help or be in any way offer any assistance with the local authorities for any reason.  We had discussed just going in on our own since we hadn't booked a tour.  This morning that is what many were doing.  But in larger groups.  I didn't hear of any couple headed into the City on thier own.  When I went up on deck to see what was happenin' - I saw that the City was actually a ways away - so.... everything considered ~ I went to the buffet and got us some breakfast to take down to Keith in our stateroom.

We actually docked where ships dock (imagine that!)

View from Lido Deck 14

So Keith got ready to do the basketball shootout,
and the water volleyball game, while I went to the Trivia and
the sales.  Oh, the sales!! LOL

I am way to short.  Keith is standing in the shallow end.

and just generally relax before
dinner and the evenings show.
We watched Lisa Donovan do a great performance In the Princess Lounge and called it a night.  I wonder why doing next to nothing, besides nothing, is so tiring!

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