December 9, 2009

If it's Wednesday we are in Cabo San Lucas

We did the Panama Canal Cruise on board the Coral Princess.  It was absolutely wonderful.  15 days of someone else to clean my room, cook my meals, do my dishes... and all sorts of wonderful new sights to see!  Can't beat a deal like that!

First I looked out the window of the Crowne Plaza (and that is a hopefully never again experience) Hotel in San Pedro.. and what did I see!!!  Of course it was a total illusion - but it startled me anyhow!

So anyhow, we checked out of the Hotel, paid the ridiculous charges for the jab-you-to-death trifles - like over $7 to print the boarding passes (by the minute of course) with no paper in the printer in the 'complementary business center'... what a joke!!!  The airlines are setting a bad example... pretty soon the hotels will be charging extra for a sheet on the bed... like the airlines - no liquids in the cabin - that'll be $15 for the bag in the cargo please... but another day....

So, anyhow, the Princess Cruise line is doing the same thing.... even down to charging for soda pop in the buffet.  All sorts of new fees since our last cruise.  Makes it strange.

but again,
another time.

The weather was overcast and dreary as we left Long Beach.  The seas were a little rougher than I ever remembered them being while I was on such a big ship - so I only made it part way through dinner before I was headed out to find some sea bands.  Sharen swears by them - so I got some too.  They seemed to help - but I wasn't convinced that I needed to be far from our stateroom - so I stayed there while Keith wandered on into the evening.

Our first day was a 'sea day' and we spent it exploring the ship.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Grand would be more the word for it.  The lounges and casual seatting scattered thru the ship were comfortable and I took advantage of them while I people watched and worked on the baby afgan I started.  It is great cover (hehee).  The weather cleared up so we tried the pools and we ate to much all day.  Our dinner seating was 5:15 so we didn't get all dressed up and attend the 1st formal night - but we did go to the musical production 'Motor City'.  It was great as are most of the productions I've seen on board.  I thouroughly enjoyed it!

Our first stop was Cabo San Lucas.  We went ashore and shopped a bit.  We watched the huge yachts in the harbor and enjoyed the sunshine.  Wandered the streets and checked out all the sights.  Last time we were there, we really never left the dock so it was all new to see the shopping area.  As we were leaving, we asked another set of tourists to take our picture and this guy decided to 'join' us with his little friend.  Keith thought it was pretty well funny - but as you see - I didn't care for it much.  I never was fond of reptiles - and it hasn't gotten much better!  Then we were both ready to climb back into the tender had head back to the air conditioned ship. 

At 19:30 (according to the ship's log) we headed to the sea passage and on to Acapulco!

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