November 19, 2010

Fall arrived!!!

 Chaito really feels the cooler weather.  He is such a funny little guy!  He seems to always find something that he can burrow under. He would rather 'wait' than go out in the rain!  He definitely has his comical times.  Keith bought him a really fancy cable knit sweater that he will wear if ABSOLUTELY necessary... As you can tell.... it's not his favorite clothing item hehee!!

 Now with the cooler weather I've had time to finish a lot of the little things that I started over the summer.  I have quite a little 'stash' from Amah's Attic (S'te named my product line) to fill in bare spots in S'te's little shop.  I have a whole box to to take up Thanksgiving!

Jaleel crocheted this when they were down visiting.  I finished it up and put it into the 'stash of things to go to Bremerton.  I have lots of little things to go up - for some strange reason!!

 Sidewalks from the deck to the gate to the back studio door to the camper door... You can walk the whole way without trudging thru the wet grass.  We may not be doing it all at once but... it is getting done.  Tim's learning curve is producing quite a nice trail!  I love it!

 And here is what happens when you don't 'get a roun-tuit'  before your agreed upon time is over.  Tim played around for several days - and then the weather turned on him .... so here he is trying to finish up the sidewalk up the garage side... in the pouring rain! 
 And some more pouring rain....
And I'm getting a really dirty look! There is still a segment between the studio door and the gate that is laid out but not complete.  It will be really great soon...

So anyhow, this project is supposed to be finished before we get back.  And before he starts anything else LOL!!

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