March 22, 2006

(Almost) Empty Nest!

Our home is quiet. Too quiet! Our toddlers have gone to a wonderful couple that are planning to adopt them. The world needs more people like them. We aren't looking to adopt so we are very happy for the children and thier chance for a "Forever Family". So now we only have the 2 infants keeping us company. And they are so different! PeeWee wants to stay up and watch the late show before he has his last little bit of bottle and then sleeps until 9 am or so - but then there is Lonnie!! He wants to go to bed with the chickens and he just knows the reason for him to be on this earth is to wake the roosters before daylight so they can be ready to crow when the sun comes up. Papa usually gets up with him as he is more the morning person. PeeWee and I hang out at night. So all is worked out well with those two.

We are getting ready for another little trip to San Diego. I am having a hard time with not wishing the days away as I really miss the kids. ALL of them - Even my special baby - S'te. We have the travel orders all ready for Lonnie but have to go to hearing tomorrow for PeeWee. So we know that one is traveling with us - maybe two. I was supposed to have a Dr appointment there but the insurance company messed up and didn't confirm it - so they've made another appointment for June - so I get 2 trips!! Papa said we will go ahead and visit this time anyway
as the arrangements have already been made and I haven't seen our babies since October . I'm so happy!!

I'm trying to do a little spring cleaning. It's hard to get enthused when it is to hot to breathe by 9:30 in the morning!! Our temps have been in the 80 & 90 degree range for the last 2 weeks. It cooled all the way down to 70 last night - respite. I did get some sleep. Anyhow, as I pull things out for a "yard sale" Papa either brings them back in or says "we can just go ahead and donate that" instead of trying to put a price on it. So I think I will just put everything out in boxes and he can take it to goodwill. It doesn't bother me any!! I'm not good at pricing things anyway. I don't want it !! Just take it!!! ha ha

So, all is well and quiet - Sharen and S'te have both put new posts up so I had something to read and I'm all happy now!!

What about you?

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Anonymous said...

I wish it would warm up here. You can send some of that warmth this way or bring it when you come!