March 28, 2006


Only 2 more days and I will get to see my BABIES!! I am counting the hours. I'm still irritated with the judge, the DCM, and the whole DCF system in general - but it is not enough to quell my excitement over getting to see the kids. I'm all packed and ready to go. Lonnie is doing his extra long visit with his parents - what they are going to do with a 4 month old for 2 hours at the park is beyond me :) I will diaper and dude him for the trip and pack the car tomorrow as Papa says we have to be on the road at 0430 on Thursday!!

I got my "garage sale leftovers" all boxed up and sent off to the thrift store - since I didn't sell anything, it all went. I have to do the last few things to close up the house, got the newspaper stopped, put in a stop on the mail - and I'M READY TO GO!!

I am upset with PeeWee's mom - after the big todo over him going with us - she didn't bother with her visit this week either. So that makes 2 weeks in a row that she didn't bother. Last week she called just before the visit and said she couldn't get there from where she was and didn't ask for a reschedule. This week, she hasn't even bothered calling to set up a visit to start with. So - this should look really good on her record ~~~~ I've done everything I can do - it's up to her now!!

The weather has finally cooled off a bit and I've been a little more comfortable - it's only been about 75 during the day and dropping into the 60's at night. Makes for a lot better sleeping.

Papa is home with lunch - gonna go eat before it gets cold!!

4:11 update: PeeWee is going to spend the next few weeks in the "shelter" because there are NO openings in foster homes right now. This is disgusting!!

See ya!

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Anonymous said...

We're all excited to have you coming. Mak was asking the other morning if you were ever coming back again! He was excited when I told him soon!