March 26, 2006


I don not care for judges. At this time I am feeling like they are the bane of our legal system. I have felt this way since Thursday about noon. Ya see, a judge that does not have any idea who our little PeeWee is has decided that his parents know best - and he will not be allowed to travel with us to California. It does not matter that the Mom is only allowed a 1 hour supervised visit each week (and has missed over half of them) and Dad has never seen him (he is in jail and has been since baby's birth) - they were transported to the courthouse and the judge decided that they knew what is best for the baby. We were not told what time to be there - our phone message from the day before was not returned until the DCM (Dependency Case Manager) called to tell us that PeeWee will "just have to go to respite" for the time of our trip. I just am not happy with the idea of our little "fountain" going and staying with strangers for 3 weeks when he does not need to. Of course, that is just my opinion. The DCM, the judge, and evidently the parents don't think he is old enough to know who is careing for him. I disagree with thier opinions - so where does that leave PeeWee - at respite!!!

Well, we are getting ready for our trip! Baby 2 is going with us - his judge overruled his parents and said that they didn't have a good enough reason to disrupt his placement. I went to good ol' WallyWorld and got him some new little duds for the visit. He is now touristed out like you wouldn't believe. But how touristy can a 5 month old get ? ?) I am trying to teach him that he CAN go to sleep on my lap - he does not need to be laying straight out in his bed before he closes his eyes. He is smiling and cooing nicely so he will be a big hit at the airport and on the plane. I got a "snuggly" in preparation for taking PeeWee so I don't think I will need that - but we got a "Maya Wrap" for carrying Lonnie. I got an xl and let out - it is longer than I am tall. I could put him in it and kick him along with my knees!!! Papa looks at it very warily (the snuggly was way to small to fit around him). I don't know if he will ever use it or not. I will try - but with my shoulders the way they are - it's debateable.

I had a garage sale over the weekend - it ran 2 full days as well as just getting all the stuff out there on Thursday. It is now Sunday Afternoon and there have been 2 shoppers visit - oh, my neighbor stopped and said she will take anything that is free after the sale. I sold 2 picture frames without glass and a dress that is 3 sizes to big for me and I hoped never to grow into. I did like all the book and mag ads say and got everything that does not fit or I haven't worn or used in a year and put it all out in the screen room. Trying to "unclutter". Trouble is with 5--6 kids at a time - most things get used at least a little - so I cleaned mostly out of closets and under beds. The visible clutter is all stuff we use. So - - my garage sale not only didn't get rid of the clutter - it was a major blow to my ego - no one even stopped to see what I had!!! Like they all know - I wouldn't have anything that anyone else would want/need or like to have!!!

And to top my week-end off - I had nursery duty at Church today!! It's not the idea of Nursery. This is a very necessary service - but since Papa won't let our babies go to Nursery until they are 6 months old - He stayed home with the babies while I went in and watched the 2 boys that were there. I did have a real nice chat with ZoeAnn. She is an extremely nice woman that loves the little ones dearly. It was a nice relaxing hour - well spent actually. And I stopped at Wendy's on the way home and brought Papa some lunch too. The babies are asleep and since he's eaten = so is Papa.

So = I'm taking my bruised ego and my indignation with the legal system and going out to take my stress out on the weeds that insist on invading the flower beds!!!

Enough for today - hope your weekends fared better ! ! ! !

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