May 11, 2009

More Mother's Day

The girls got up really early this morning... to prepare a wonderful Mother's Day breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, and french toast sticks for us. Keith got to participate in the breakfast event by going to the store for them and bringing home supplies.... and he got to eat too.... hehee!!

After breakfast the younger ones took turns giving S'te and I facials, foot massages, leg massages, pedicures, manicures, thoroughly giving us the royal treatment as we relaxed in our seats.

After our spa treatments, they prepared lunch for us - burgers and home fries were enjoyed by S'te, Keith, and I. They also finished the laundry, straightened the downstairs, changed the baby, ran the scooby, and did the dishes. Ty came over bringing a personalized card and a HUGE chocolate for me and an adorably cute card for S'te - signed by all! It was a great Mother's Day morning! I do have pictures - but the card reader is packed ... so they will have to wait....

Then I had to get ready to leave... boo hoo!! We got the car packed and said our good-byes - Keith walked me to the car - and off I went!! I only made it about 50 miles before the first stop - San Juan Capistrano - I didn't see any accident - but we traveled very, very slowly for many miles before getting back up to speed. Then coming down the north side of the Grapevine there was a small brush fire that had the southbound traffic stopped (not my side - thank you Lord!!) for at the very least, 10 miles!!! By the time I got to Buttonwillow, I was sleepy, still full, and ready to stop! So here I am.....

It's morning and I am most ready for us to take off again - I am headed over to 101 to travel up the coast and thru the redwoods. At least, that is my plan at this point. The best part of traveling alone - is that I don't really have to have a plan.... hehee. If and when I get lost - if I keep going North - I will at least be headed in the right direction!!!

So now I am - northward bound!!

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