July 23, 2005

Day 2

Woke up at the Motel - early. Earlier than when we have kids around. It's already hot!! Keith went down to Midas about 8 to make sure that they had everything they need to get started!! The men at Midas, Chris II, Jim, Jim, and Kenny did a wonderful job. They found that the rear brakes were getting no fluid, so they weren't working at all. Only the front brakes were stopping this huge thing - with the car towed behind it. They worked so hard the brake fluid boiled and it was ruined. I didn't know you could boil brake fluid! Anyhow, they worked all day and drained all the fluid, cleaned the lines and the rear fluid holders, bled all of them and had us back on the road at 2:15 :) GREAT JOB GUYS!! While we were waiting, Keith took me to their Super WalMart and I got a really short haircut. It feels really, really good!
Here we take up the whole bay waiting for Chris 1 to make arrangements with Chris 2 for us to park at Midas (and get us out from in front of his bays!!) :)

Keith finally let me drive after we stopped for dinner. We made it all the way to HWY 100 & HWY 441. I made it 35 miles and the "Parking Brake" idiot light came on in McRae, Georgia. We'd made it out of Florida!! Couldn't find a camp ground or WalMart in the phone book, so I fired up this trusty laptop and looked for the next WalMart - It was 35 miles away and it's already dark, and we are both TIRED. Looked for a campground and found one that we'd already passed, so we opted for me to drive north. About a 1/2 mile out of McRae we saw a State Parks sign!! Halleluyah!!! We pulled in at Little Ocmulgee State Park and since Keith is a Senior Citizen we got a "full hook-up" for $15.50. So up the little road we go! We found our spot, hooked up the electric, found out the sewer hose didn't have connectors on it, we had no cable for the TV, and next time we really need to pull closer to the hook-ups! We went to bed. It was a short night. It was after midnight.

So ended Day 2 for the novice RV'ers!!!

More on tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't blame it on being a novice, I would blame it wanting to take a leisurly stroll through the countryside! By the end of the trip you'll be an old pro at hookin up those sewer hoses!!!!!!!