July 28, 2005

Arrive at Charlestown, Indiana

July 28, 2005
I woke up about 2:30 gasping for air. A short deisel rig had pulled in next to us and was simply gassing us!!!! We made coffee and took off again. I got to the next rest area and we stopped again - about 60 miles!! Crawled back on the bed and slept until daylight. Keith then looked at the map and realized we could leave I40 just before we got to Nashville and go north on the #231to the 31E and do a scenic route without winding roads or mountains!! So that's what we did!! We went North into Kentucky this way. Thru a bunch of small towns - I like seeing the old towns!! They look so homey and friendly! We stopped at Abraham Lincoln's birthplace and took the tour before stopping for lunch.

We made to to Charlestown State Park this afternoon, I'd guess about 4 PM. Keith's Mom, and sisters Heather and Dolores were waiting anxiously to see him. Even his neice, Faith brought her baby Caleb to greet him. We visited at his Mom's home for awhile and all piled into the cars and went out to the park. We showed them our home on wheels. They left about 8 and I fixed dinner before we crashed and burned!! Another long day. But we made another destination on our list. We plan to be here about a week before we move on to April's home in Missouri.

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