July 26, 2005

More Lake Burton

The good news arrived at Noon. The RV was fixed and ready for us to give up the space it takes to the next broken down wreck!! We decided we would wait until Wednesday to leave so we took it back up to the WalMart parking lot. Went back out to the Lake and spent the rest of the day relaxing. Good thing too! Wait until you see the post for tomorrow. I'm only a week behind, but I'm catching up fast:) I added pictures to the last journal entry but then lost the whole thing into cyber space and haven't had time to figure out what I did wrong, I'll try again later.

By the way, it dosen't work well to have an extended warranty that has a $250 deductable for brake components (per incident) and each bill was only a little over that. Insurance Companies :(

The Novices,

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