July 22, 2005

Our Journey Begins-Day One

We left home about 11:30 this morning! It is a beautiful, sunny day. Hot of course, this is Florida after all. We tooled up I-95 until we got to Titusville. We stopped there and had lunch - probably close to 2:30. We are really having a blast! Keith is learning how to manuver the RV and to keep it between the lines.

3 PM Oh,no! At Daytona Beach the brakes started smoking. We were at a stoplight and I asked Keith if he saw anything. Of course, he didn't :) So we pulled over and spent about a half hour waiting for it to cool off. The driver's tire finally cooled down and we started out again. At the stop light in Ormond Beach, Keith says, "I have no brakes!!!" He found the next service station that looked like it had a mechanic in it, and pulled over. It is 4:30 on Friday Afternoon!!! The mechanic (Chris) checked out the fluid, says - that"s all I know to do on these things! He also called 2 RV places that said - they would be glad to look - on Monday!!! Then Chris thought of his friend (Chris II) at Midas. He phoned him and not only got us in to be fixed on Saturday morning - they let us park in their parking lot overnight. So we pulled over there - got the red car off the trailer - and headed to the beach at Daytona - about 10 miles from Midas. Not a bad place to break down at all. We sat at the beach - had a really great shrimp salad, watched the people and stayed cool.

We got back to the RV about 10 but it was just still to hot to sleep in - the a/c hadn't got turned on - so we went back down the road and got a room! with air!

So much for day one. We made it about - maybe close - to 125 miles

The Beattys

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