July 25, 2005

Lake Burton

Lake Burton is about 10 miles down country roads from Clayton. It is a huge lake with lots of people with boats. We watched people ski, fish, tube, and generally have a great time. It is beautiful and definately worth seeing.

We got up early this morning to see if Keith could find a place to get the RV fixed - again!! Lucky for us the Chevrolet Dealer there could work on it. The manager - Mr. Goodall was very nice to us. He said he had a backup of local work to do but would expidite the RV. We went and got it out of the WalMart parking lot and took it to them. Then went and had breakfast at the Clayton Diner. Very good food and really nice people. It was strange to my ears, listing to the "Georgia Drawl"!!

We then went back to Walmart to shop for what we would need for the couple days that we would be spending at the Lake. The Keifers rented a huge place!! It has a beautiful view of the lake from the living room and a deck around it. It is complete with boat dock and steps down into the lake. When we returned to the Lake House, the Keifers had gone fishing. TJ wasn't to impressed with fresh water fishing. He didn't get a bite that was big enough to keep.

Nancy and Linda BBQ'd steaks and potatoes. Great dinner, great company. Nice and peaceful.

Called Mr. Goodall about 5 - the "switch for the parking brakes" had leaked and needed to be replaced. He ordered it and the RV should be ready tomorrow.

So ends another day for the Novices.


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