July 24, 2005

Day 3 - To Clayton GA

It's a great morning. The temp is down around 80 and the humidity is wonderfully not like Vero. Keith got up about 7 and banged around until I gave up and got up about 8. He went over and showered, made coffee, and checked out the campground. I headed for the showers and saw my first live snake since Dad's house when Timmy and I went up to visit. I just backed up and gave him the right away. He was completely gone by the time I came back through to the camper. We had breakfast, unhooked, and left about 10:30. No idiot lights were on. It was sure a nice campground. We traveled up US 441 thru all the little towns, saw some beautiful old homes, and stopped for gas every other town!! About 10 miles out of Clayton (our first actual destination) the "Parking Light" idiot light came back on. Keith checked the brakes and they were still working - so we went on into Clayton. We got there about 4 pm. We had decided to park the RV at Walmart and go up around Lake Burton to see what they had for RV sites. We couldn't find Walmart!! Walmart was hiding!! Keith pulled into a Burger King lot and asked for directions. We'd passed it, it is up on a hill, behind alot of tall grass and there is no sign "'cause everbody knows where it is". We found it and parked and kept right on rolling - WE HAD NO BRAKES AGAIN. Putting into park didn't stop it and we had no emergency brake either. Thank the Good Lord that we didn't go ahead and try doing the lake roads. So by now it's after 5 pm on Sunday. Where would we ever go to get this fixed? We left a message on Tom and Nancy Keifer's cell phone. Said "We're here, but we're stranded". Took the red car off and headed for Mexican Restaurant that Keith had spotted. While we were there, Tom called, sent Nancy and Linda down to meet us and we went up to the lake where they rented a beautiful home, complete with little cabin where we could stay!! Another blessing, another breakdown, another great place to stay!! And with good friends too.

I will put a couple of pictures on the web for tomorrow. The lake was beautiful, the company was great, we had a lot of laughs. Keith, Tom, TJ, and Linda all left Nancy sitting out on the deck just having a great gab. We were out there for quite a long time. It seemed like old times, when no kids had to be fed, clothed, bedded, loved, cuddled, or making us laugh. I miss having the kids around already!!

Well, close to midnight again. Nancy went into the "Big House" and I came into the cabin to find Keith sound asleep. Another day. Another piece of excitement.


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Anonymous said...

Hmmm?? Is Poppa still riding the brake or are you just having extremely bad luck?! I check in here every day to see what you are up to. Glas to hear that things are going, well, I can't say great, but glad that they are going! Keep up the good work!!!!!!! and tell Poppa that I said hi. No word yet about the condo.