September 3, 2005

Coos Bay, Oregon

I've been both busy and lazy. Both at the same time but I'll try to catch up a little bit now. I'm in the dining room at Aunt Nita's. Keith and Aunt Nita are watching CNN and the telethon for the Katrina survivors. Uncle Jim gave up and went to bed.

We made reservations for Seven Feathers 50's Show for Wednesday night and took Sharen there for her birthday on Wednesday. Keith got her a cake that had Happy Birthday 50-1 written on it. She was both delighted and took the joke well. While at the show, I made arrangements for them to pick on her - for her birthday. And they did - she was part of the show a couple of different times - the pictures will be on Flickr shortly. She already has them on her website which is under Knuckles Knoll to the left of this post.

We left Canyonville on Thursday morning about 10 and made it to Myrtle Point for lunch at the Spruce Street Grill right on Main Street. We pulled into the Green "something or other" RV park down in the "gulch" to park the RV so we could just leave there and drive the red car up to Powers. Keith wouldn't let me drive the RV up the Powers Road. (I think I scared him on the Diamond Lake Road!!) But there is no office. We asked a resident there how/where we needed to know to rent a spot for 2 nights and she said there was no one on-site and gave us a phone number to call. While we were eating lunch I ran into Norm Parrish and he has been around forever - so I figured that he would know what we should do. He said - go hook up and someone will be there eventually!! Keith didn't really like that idea so he decided we didn't need to stay in that "hole" anyway so after lunch we drove on over to Coos Bay.

We went to the "Lucky Logger RV Park and got hooked stopped at the Grange and talked to Sally and made arrangements to see her on Friday. We stopped in at the Cabin (my old stomping grounds) and I only saw one person I even recognized - and we went back to the RV. I fixed dinner and we turned the heater on and went to bed. We were both COLDDDDD!!

It's getting late so I'll continue the update tomorrow. I promise that I will get back up to date soon!!


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Anonymous said...

Didn't the cake say 50-1?