September 4, 2005

Coos Bay to Powers

Okay folks, here is the rest of the story!! Friday we hung out at Clint and Sallie's almost all day. It was great getting to just relax and get up-to-date on all the "stuff" that I've missed. We made it to the "Cabin" for Happy Hour and I got to visit with many old friends. It is amazing how things change - but don't change- over a year's time. People are the same but many have moved on - both in body and in soul. We really didn't stay there long, we were back home before N3mbers came on at 10. I really can't say I remember what it was about - I think I was asleep before the commercials were over.

We slept in on Saturday and got to Powers about noon - We were late, I told Aunt Nita we'd be there about 11 - so it wasn't to bad. They had a big BBQ and almost everyone was there. Susy and her boyfriend (and his daughter with her family), Debbie and Nick, Linda, and several others that I didn't even get names of. Of course, my family is so camera shy that I didn't get any pictures. Linda stayed the latest, she didn't leave until almost 7. Keith went to bed shortly after and Aunt Nita and I stayed up until almost 11 looking at pictures and visiting. We had a good visit. Aunt Nita gave me a Bean Pot that survived the 93 flood at my grandmothers house in West Alton.

We got up this morning and went to Jacks Fountain for breakfast before we packed up and got back on the road. Powers is a really small town up and down a curvy, windy road only about 20 miles from Myrtle Point but it seems much further to the unknowing. Linda says she can drive it in about 20 minutes - it took us 35 minutes to do the drive :) I didn't even ask Aunt Nita how long it takes her - or Uncle Jim either!!

We are supposed to go to Clint and Sallies this evening for a salmon dinner. She does wonderfully with salmon. I can cook it but it never tastes quite as good as Sallie does.

Right now I am just getting this updated while Keith talks on the phone. You all have a great weekend and I'll update more when we get ready to leave. Which should be on Tuesday morning. The plan is to get as far as Judy's in Anderson California Tuesday evening. I know that is directly in opposition with her days off, but at least we may get a chance for a short visit between her shifts.

Take care all,

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Sharen & Mitch said...

great pic's of aunt nita and uncle jimmy! I really like these blogs!