September 23, 2005


Vacations never seem to go as planned. We were going to go down to Rosarito Beach while we are here but - - I got the flu and spent 2 days not getting any further from the bathroom than the living room couch. Now I think that Keith has it. He won't admit it but he is looking a little pale and isn't feeling doing anything either. Not good!

Rod and S'te are really busy with their family. They've joined a new church and we accompanied them to one of the services. They have been wildly welcomed and are getting very involved with the Awana program and Rod has joined the Choir. LaDaria and Tyrique are still active with the AIM for Faith (the mime group) at their old church and S'te still attends the MOPS (Mothers with PreSchoolers) group there. I went with her once and it is a wonderful way for Moms to relate to each other. I wasn't feeling well enough to go to the last meeting but I know I would've enjoyed it as well. Rod is still involved with the Foster Parent Association Board and they are both hosts at monthly meetings for their own group of FP's. The kids are enjoying going to public school for the first time and are learning that all teachers aren't like Mom in that they don't have unlimited time to be distracted during (hee hee). I can't help but feel that this is being very good for them. It is a madhouse when they return from school daily with each of them wanting to tell Mom and each other all about their day. Sometimes I have to go into "our own room" just until it calms down and the noise is down to a dull roar. :) But I am loving our visit.

Keith has gone down to the RV Shop to see how the repairs are coming on it. I am hoping that they will be completed so that we can continue on with our "schedule" for our return to home. We have been following the progress of the newest hurricane on TV and contunue to pray that all will be as God wills.

Keith talked to his Mom and the work Keith arranged on her home has been completed and she is liking the finished product. Of course when the workmen tore into the bath area, there was more than met the eye to be done - but it is done and should last her a long time. Her new carpet and door have been installed in the family room - and she said she is enjoying that also. We haven't had much news from April but I'm hoping that Brennan's birthday went well and life for them is good also.

That's about it for now - will write more as something comes up to write about.

God bless all,

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