September 6, 2005

On the Road Again

Well it is up early today for me. I'm doing this while I wait for the coffee to perk!! We plan to leave Coos Bay today and head for Anderson. Hopefully the Labor Day traffic all went home yesterday:)

We spent most of the weekend at Clint and Sallie's. She is quite the kitchen kitten. On Friday she "put up" several jars of strawberry jam, Sunday she cooked a great Salmon dinner which Lucy and Art came by for, and yesterday she put up - I don't know how many jars of beans. She had said that she hadn't been able to find any blackberries this year and guess what! We found some for her. She drug her 'equipment" out and made us 6 jars of blackberry jelly!! And then cooked us a great meatloaf dinner. So we are definatly set up for jelly this year. I tried to help, but even I know better than to get in Sallie's way when she is on a mission!! I did dishes for her and stayed out of her kitchen. Keith and Clint watched several shows as Keith did his channel surfing thing, and told lots of stories. :) A really great visit.

Now ready to head out, will catch up again soon.

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Sharen & Mitch said...

Kitchen Kitten... that's a new one! Good to hear you are getting to see so many family and friends along the way! Tell Judy "Hi" for Mitch and I! Drive safe! God bless!