September 10, 2005

Made it to California!!

We left Coos Bay by 9 am!! And Papa didn't think I could get it together in time to do that!! We went down I-5 to my Mom Judy's. We got there about 5 and relaxed for a bit. We were unloading the car and setting up the RV when Keith noticed that steel was showing thru the tread on the car dolly tires. He made arrangements at Les Schwab for new tires to be installed tomorrow. Meanwhile, lots of coffee and catching up got done. Then we went to dinner at a really nice Mexican place before she took us on a mini-tour of Anderson. We also met her neighbors who just bought a Bounder and are planning a cross country trip in the other direction! They are going from Anderson to Alabama and back with several stops along the way to see family. Mom and I stayed up as long as I could getting caught up - since we only see each other once a year - there is plenty to talk about. Keith gave up early and crashed.

We got up early on Wednesday morning and Keith drove the red car down to the shop while I followed in the RV. They didn't have a pull-thru area so I got to try my hand at a three point turn with the trailer attached!! It took more like 6 points, but I got 'er done!! We got the tires installed in just a short time and then stopped by the VFW to say good-by. We actually left there at ten forty five and made pretty good time since we stayed right on I-5.

We spent Wednesday night at Coalinga, CA in a Good Sam campground. We know we aren't "preferred customers" as we got the spot right in front of the dumpster and right next to some big pipes that made it so the picnic table was clear at the other end of the spot. And it wasn't like they were full up either. Anyhow, there was a great little fruit stand that had cold watermelon slices and fresh cantaloupe - so we were set for that. It was really nice and refreshing after being so warm all day. The San Joaquin Valley is beautiful when it is in full bloom :) I wonder sometimes if the weather changes don't come from the vast changes than mankind has made in changing arid areas into irrigated farmland like we've done. The California aqueduct system is massive and made a plentiful farmland out of arid semi-desert areas.

We left Coalinga Thursday about 10 and went down I-5 almost to Bakersfield and then cut over to Hwy 99S. We went over the Tehachapi Mountains and saw the San Andreas Fault, parts of the high desert and the edge of the Mohave Desert. It is a beautiful country to pass thru!! We also passed over the San Bernadino area (just around the edge), came down I-15 to San Diego and made it to S'te's about 7 PM. The kids were all outside to meet us and were anxious for the hugs and kisses that they are so free with. I was so very glad to see all of them. Then Papa and I went to Mrs. Rodriguez's with Rod and S'te and had more Mexican food!!

We spent most of yesterday just getting the RV cleaned out and last night we went out to search for friends. We found many of them and had a great time catching up since our trip to Cancun where we saw many of them.

Today we went to the Sailfest 2005 with the entire family. They left their 2 little foster girls with a babysitter as we were going out on yachts and they don't tend to listen well. It was great. The San Diego Yacht Club members take the family members that have children in the "Specialty Clinics" out for a ride and then there is a BBQ afterward. We drew a skipper that had a 52' sailboat that could handle this family of 11. Makkiah finally wound up attached to a bulkhead via a heavy blue rope that curtailed his wanderings, Brayana spent most of her time with the mate that was doing the steering - and she did quite a bit of it herself - by herself. He showed her how to use the GPS and watch for the other boats and bouys. The boys asked lots of questions and I just held on to Taniyah and enjoyed watching my family have a great time. It is really nice of the Club to do things like this for the kids. Some of them are so chronically ill that they really enjoy doing outdoor activities. Anyhow - thanks for donating your time and your boat for the afternoon - it was great.

As I write this - I am watching the news with Ophelia on the horizon for the Carolinas. Let us all cross our fingers and pray for those who will weather this storm within the next few days. And keep the survivors of Katrina in our hearts and minds - and be thankful that we are safe and sound. We also have the 9/11 Anniversary tomorrow.

We plan to be here until approximately October 1st before we start heading to the east again. It will be to short a time - but we've also been away from home for quite awhile too.

More later

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Sharen & Mitch said...

You sound very happy! And I know you are being surrounded by "the kids" I'm thinking of you all! And of you all on the "high seas!" Yikes! Great adventures