September 17, 2005

We're Here

Here is Jaleel, Tyrique, Brayana, and LaDaria leaning over the fence watching the Harbor Patrol putting on a show at the San Diego Yacht Club. We had a blast sailing on a 50+ foot sailing yacht. The air and the sun totally wore me out. The kids were still good to go. They never run out of energy :) For some reason Makkiah, Destini, and Taniyah didn't get into this picture. I'll have more soon. Here is TeeTee all dressed for the water. She is crawling up a storm and getting cuter by the day. We cut some of her curls off yesterday and she has a real healthy head of dark hair. She seems to remember me but was shy with Papa until he got a cracker and fed her. Now she wants a bite of anything that he has.

We spent the first few days this week with small projects around the house. We hooked up sinks in 2 bathrooms, installed a closet system in the master bedroom and sorted lots of stuff out. I have to congratulate them on the progress they have made on their home. I never pictured it coming this far along. They have redone all the walls in the living room and 2 of the bedrooms as well as carpeted and moved doors and windows to more appealing spots. It is looking really good!

On Monday we took the RV back to the shop to get the air bag fixed and asked that they service it for the trip back home while they have it. There seems to be a couple of other problems that they found - but we'll see if that pans out. As long as we get it back for the return trip.

By Tuesday my right knee was popping and grinding with every step I took and by Thursday - I couldn't handle the pain any more. I couldn't bend it to walk up steps or stand up from a chair - total agony!! So Keith spent the morning trying to find a urgent care place that would take TriCare from Florida - no luck at all so he took me to the ER at Sharp's at Grossmont. By 3 I was starving and pretty thirsty too. I asked if we had time to go to the cafeteria before it would be my turn. Guess what! At 3:20 they called me back = thru hallways clear to the other side of the building! By then I was ready to shove someone off of one of those gurneys and have Keith push me! It was all I could do to keep tears from running!!!! They had taken x-rays at noon so they knew that nothing was broken - thank the Lord for that. They did all the medical stuff and then came back and gave me a couple of vicodin - then they came back and put a full brace on my leg. Then they came back again and gave me a pair of crutches. They had me practice a little with them and I was leaned agains the wall when the meds started to kick in - the nurse asked nicely that I SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE. So I sat down in a wheelchair!! Keith then crawled onto the bed and covered up. The Dr. came back to talk to us and give us the discharge papers that said what they did and that they didn't diagnose anything and found Keith in the bed all covered up. It was quite comical-by then I thought everything was quite funny :(
So off we went, we got MORE pain pills at the pharmacy, got a McD's cheeseburger and came home. I was worn out and I'd promised to babysit so that they could go to meetings! With Ty and Darie's help, we made it work. I just asked and they did for me. It was uplifting to know that they can do that - when they choose.

Anyhow, I'm now waiting to see if TriCare with authorize a visit to the Ortho that the Hospital wants me to see on Monday. Keith says it HAS to get better - It's my DRIVING leg.

We went down to the Serra Mesa Community fair and sat at the beer garden while I saw all my old neighbors and friends. Didn't happen to see my deadbeat non-paying tenant, but had a great time. I hobbled around and looked at all the crafts and exhibits, Deb went on the Round-up and was looking for a partner for the swings = but I didn't think I'd better. I drank 2 cherry cokes and it was time to come home. My knee hurt and if I wanted home before Keith went to his Double A I had to do it then. It has been nice being here by myself for my 2 hours. I'm not left alone much anymore. SO I HAD TIME TO WRITE THIS BOOK!! He's back now so I'll sign off until next time.


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