November 14, 2005

Am I ready??

Am I ready for this? Keith left this morning to work in NJ for this week. While getting ready to depart, he packed his bag, his computer, checked for milk and bread (my staples) and decided to go to the store. In the 15 minutes he was gone the boys got into his 1. computer case and got his wires all tangled for him, I'm sure they wanted to make sure that he thinks of them while he is gone and 2. emptied the pockets out of the front of the suitcase - his toothbrush, paste, comb, extra change, work badge, etc. so that he got to repack it before he could leave. I'm sure that this was because they wanted him to stay here longer before he could leave.

He has been gone for 15 minutes. Right now both boys are in time out and the girls have barbies that they are playing with. That is why the boys are in time out - they went momentarily insane and decided to raid the barbie "party" and throw everything into the next universe!!

It should be a fun week. I'm sure I'll have more later, if only out of sheer boredom and lonliness. At least I'll stay fairly busy and won't be heading for any bars or taverns - unless they cater to toddlers also!!


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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you;ll do just fine!