November 11, 2005

Veteran's Day

Today was beautiful here in Vero. Not to hot and not humid either. Not often that we get the blessing of both!! We dressed the girls in red, white, & blue and the boys wore grey onsies with the flag on them. Believe it or not, I still have my "Navy Mom" t-shirt that S'te brought to me while she was in the Navy. We went to a dual dedication. Many in our Village are "Winter" people from Canada and we had a Memorial Service for both the US Veterans Day and Canada's Rememberance Day. We honored our Veteran neighbors as well as the Canadian counterparts to them. As we are an older group, there were no Veverans in attendance from the Gulf War, or the ones we are now involved in. We had a moment of silence for the memories of those lost as well as to send blessings and wishes of good luck and God Speed for those now in action. We sang both National Anthems and then had a huge picnic. It was a really nice time. And it was great for us because we got back home before everyone got tired and cranky - so naps were close to regular time.

After that I just relaxed while the kids and Keith were sleeping. It is a nice break. The one little girl came with a warning about not having a onesie on her at bedtime - and I forgot. Guess what! When I went in to get her up - She had 'her' blanket over her and she didn't just stand up. So I pulled the blanket back and there she was! in all her glory!naked as a jaybird!and as wet as if she'd been swimming! I stripped her bed down and the others decided their beds needed it too. - So all the beds are now clean (except for mine, of course)!!

The four of them are presently doing thier own things - one with a Barbie, one carrying around sand buckets (empty ones), and the twins trying to outscreech each other. I think they are going to bed really soon.

Anyhow, that was my day - how was yours?

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