November 5, 2005

Church Picnic

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Keith is standing in line at the Church picnic today. It is so hard to believe that just 2 weeks ago everyone was boarding and buttoning up waiting for the wrath of Wilma. We were sitting in Georgia and I was bored to death and just waiting to get home!

We've had the 3 new children just over a week - and what a week it has been! They are not used to anyone giving them boundaries - so they've had some new experiences. Sierra has learned to ride a trike and her brother is trying hard. He gets his feet on the pedals and actually balances standing up - but he doesn't go anywhere yet. The other brother still just uses his toes to go where he wants on it. It has been a busy week setting up all the appointments that Keith needs to catch up on with his doctor, opthamologist, and dentist. I've had some good luck with the freecycle here as far as getting some pretty nice clothing for them.

S'te has certainly worked hard getting the Condo ready to rent. If it doesn't rent in a month we will go ahead and put it on the market. I am a little gun-shy after the last go around with Tornado Robin. As each item is fixed or replaced, it seems that S'te finds something else that is missing or broken. Last it was the garbage disposal - they had poured the candle wax down it - while they were using candles for light since the power had been turned off for non-payment!!! Landlords beware - she hasn't found a place yet

Well, kids are up and getting hungry, so I'll sign off for now.


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