November 30, 2005

New Teeth!!

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Sierra got her "two front teeth" today - and it isn't even Christmas yet. I should teach her that song. But she already got them - so what good would it do? She wanted them OUT when she first got home and the novacaine was wearing off. I gave her one shot of the pain Medication the dentist sent home and she has been fine ever since. She ate a really good dinner - which I wasn't expecting. She also is showing off her "pretty dress". She's a dress girl. She'd wear them every day if she could. Maybe Santa will bring her some more for every day. That would really excite her. She likes clothes and bows - a girly girl :)

Got news from Aunt Sharen that Caleb has become engaged. They've set a date but not a place. She is supposing it will be in Oregon. Mitch is signing books again, so they will go down towards Dads (Laughlin) and spend some time with him while she is on vacation. They are hoping to visit the Grand Canyon and boy, do I hope they like it half as much as I did. It was soooo awesome. I still haven't thought of the right words to describe it.

We are getting ready for a little road trip. Keith has a meeting he wants to attend up in St. Augistine so we are taking the RV out and going up there for 3 days next week. I'm looking forward to some different scenery also. Not that I don't have enough to do :)

Just found out today that April is bringing Elizabeth and Brennan down for a few days the week before Christmas - I'm so glad that they are coming. I love having family around. I guess I don't even care whose family it is. I'll adopt them !! We plan to take the RV up to Orlando while they are here and do something up there. Don't know just what. April and Keith will think of someting :) So that is 2 road trips between now and Christmas that we have planned. Hope they pan out. I'm all excited about it.

Enough for tonight - I'd sure like to hear from all of you.


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Anonymous said...

Glad to finally see some new pictures!! I bet Sierra is enjoying her new teeth. Wish Angie was getting new teeth instead of getting her 4 pulled.