November 27, 2005


Well, Thanksgiving is over. Most have put the Turkey and Dressing to rest after having the "Big Meal" with families and friends. We went to Keiths Club for dinner. Boy, talk about dine and dash - Dinner was at 1 and by 2:00 we were almost the last ones there! I've really never seen such a thing. We hang out longer after a Board Meeting swapping news than that:) Afterwards we took the three dirvishes to Tom and Nancy's for awhile. Tried real hard to keep the three out of the way of the horseshoe game. No one could beat Tom. Keith even swapped out with someone to try and beat him. He was on a roll. The kids were fairly well behaved. I attribute that to them being so tired that they couldn't run as fast or as far as usual. We got home to late for naps, so they just went to bed at regular time. They were still so tired on Friday, their naps were extra long. There was a Christmas Bazaar with Santa landing at the dock downtown at 3 and they slept right thru it. So we didn't go. I don't know if I really wanted to or not. The honeymoon period is over. They are really showing their bottoms. Sierra is getting real good at a real snide little face and talking back. The boys can't even talk but they are baby-talking in sour voices too. Nick even threw his bowl of noodles at Papa tonight - so maybe it's a good thing they were sleeping on Friday.

I've had a rather bad week. I know that S'te has been ill and the babies are taking their turns also. I really feel for her. It's hard taking care of family when everything is going well - it's even harder when things are not going so great.

I got a call last Monday that my Mamogram had "something there" that the Dr.'s wanted a better look at - ASAP. Scared the crap outta me - it did. I've been feeling badly off and on ever since I got that yucky virus or whatever in San Diego anyway and then this!! Oh, no. Anyhow they scheduled me for "diagnostic x-ray and ultrasound" on Wednesday. So, it actually turned out to be a "see you next year" thing. No one told me what it was that they thought they saw - but they did call Wednesday afternoon and let me know that they didn't see what they thought they saw - or couldn't find it again - whichever or whatever it was. Which was nice. Now all I have to do is get over whatever it is that I do have. I'm hoping that when I get well, I will find a way of relating to these children. There has to be something that I'm not trying. As I type this both boys are sitting in time out for not eating (more for throwing their food on the floor) and Sierra is still at the table - not eating either. Papa is in charge of that. He was the one that got upset with the boys too. And you know that Papa doesn't lose his cool very often, but when he does - he sticks to his guns!!

My hand seem to be getting worse again. Today alone I've broken a glass and a plate - dropping things on them. Guess I'll become a lefty again for awhile. My whole right upper quadrant is still pretty achy - maybe because I'm lifting the boys instead of infants. Don't know, don't care, just want it to stop.

Got some yard work done today. It seems wierd to be pruning Hibiscus in December because it is still growing so quickly. The mowers kinda trashed our yard when we were gone - scalped it in several areas - so there is really lots to do. Gotta get it cleaned up so we can do our Christmas decorations. Papa actually went out and put up one string of lights - he wanted to see how far it would go - not far on the Loquat Tree. I want to get a couple of lawn ornaments also, but not sure yet what kind of "budget" I have for Christmas.

Joe had his surgery a few days ago, I am praying that it went well. I certainly hope to hear good news from him as soon as he is able. Because of his news, I "suspended" smoking on October 31, it took me that long to think it all the way thru. I don't want to say quit - I've done that so many times before. I've failed at keeping my word to myself so many times before that this time - I'm not quitting - I'm just not smoking.

Anyhow, enough rambling -

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Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad to hear that whatever was there, wasn't there.
Sorry that the kids are being such pain.
Glad to hear that you "suspended" smoking and hope that it lasts!
Sorry to hear that you are feeling crappy once again.
Hope that you feel better soon!