November 6, 2005

Typical Sunday?

We were joined early - oh, so very early - this morning by a little voice that announced "I'm scared" and promptly took up the middle half of our bed. By about 2 another voice said "wook" and a toy schoolbus got shoved almost into my nose. Then he also got into bed and took up his half of her half which was also my half - so after they went to sleep - and it only took minutes- I went to the couch and couldn't go back to sleep. I read, watched TV, did crossword puzzles, etc until almost daylight when I made an executive decision - they - at least one of them were going back to their own bed - it worked for about an hour before the schoolbus was back in my nose!! I don't know why I needed to smell it but - oh well.

So we were up at six for breakfast. By the time we were ready to go to Church - all three needed naps - badly! By the time the 3-5 group went to Children's Church - the 3 year old was sound asleep, stretched straight out between us. She slept the whole time. The twins kept Grammy and Zoe busy in the Nursury. They were both tired after the hour was up!! Then we went to lunch!!! I made a statement to all of them - Keith included - I'm not leaving until I've FINISHED my coffee. Well, that kinda fell thru too :-) But next is naptime - I'll get a cup then.

I put them all down, Keith got into his recliner, I went out to pick up a couple of weeds that I saw in the flower bed - a big recycle bin later and another pile of clippings later, I return for that coffee (I'd left it in the nuke) and Keith was sleeping like a baby - but she wasn't. What fun she had been having! She was really demanding in wanting to know where I'd been - never mind that she shouldn't have even known I was missing!! Anyhow, she got so loud with her questions that she woke the boys up. Now, they've not got their nap out, been asleep only about 45 minutes = but by golly - they were not going to lay still and go back to sleep!! What's a person to do????? So I fixed them - I opened a can of Ravioli for dinner - stripped them - fed them - bathed them- and they are all in bed. I'm not taking the gate down yet - even tho' it didn't stop 2 of them. It may have slowed them down a little - I'm not taking any chances!!

So it's an early night for me. I check everyone elses Blogs for new news several times a day!! Don't quit on me!


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