January 21, 2006

Busy, Busy

Not that I'm busy, I figure that everyone else must be terribly busy as the Blogs I read aren't updated very often. I have been staying busy but not doing anything exciting.

Have you read that all of the financial gurus that you not to waste your money on extended warranties? I have. Many, many times. All of the mechanical troubles we had on the road - remember them? Well, Keith wanted an extended warranty on the RV before we even brought it home. It was about $850 for the year. We couldn't contact them for "preauthorization" for the first problem because it was a Friday night/Saturday morning problem. The second problem was Sunday afternoon (the next day!) but we didn't take the RV to the dealer until Monday. The dealer knew to call for authorization but the answer to that was that the repair wasn't enough to pay the deductable for that type of incident (brakes) and about an hour was wasted trying to talk to a live person and waiting for the answer. An hour the manager at that dealership could very well have used working on making something run. I'm not sure why Keith didn't contact anyone about the 3rd time in the shop (at St. Louis) but anyhow he didn't. And the last time - in San Diego was the same. But I think it was because we left the day we got the thing back and were going to be on the road for days afterward (both times). Anyhow, to make a long story short he didn't actually file any of the claims until after we returned home - even later than we expected because of Hurricane Wilma. He filed all of the claims together arund end October time and was called by a Rep and told that he didn't file the claims in a timely manner so they were all denied. He asked for the next step and was told he could submit items to the Review Board. So, he submitted them all to the Review Board. We just received a letter that says that claim #1 is denied - it was lack of maintenance - not mechanical failure, #2 is denied - does not surpass the deductible (deductible is per incident, not per brake), #3 - denied because it was never submitted, #4 denied because it was never submitted. Now I ask you - how did they get them if they were never submitted? Not only that, but when Keith was submitting them, he was told that they were not timely so they would not be accepted. Rock and a hard place? Waste of money? Yes to both. The premium would have paid the 1 & 2 bills with money left over. The ones they might have covered were denied because they weren't submitted (not sure how that can be possible). So then they Review Board says, "we have submitted Claims 3 & 4 to the claims dept and they have been rejected due to not being timely and because you (we) have filed several claims without following procedure, the Review Board has decided to back the Claims Dept's decision". Now, if we have only filed 2 claims and they were both denied for other reasons - how did we do that? So, I'm confused.

On the other front, I'll probably be going out to SD within the next few months. The WC Insurance Company still cannot find a Doctor out here who will see me by Ca's rules. I wish that the Rep had told me there even might be a problem - but he said - no problem - over 2 years ago when I called and said I was thinking of moving here. Well, needless to say he was wrong. What started out as a simple carpal tunnel and tendonitus has become a total nightmare. I'm worse off now than I was before they started "working" on me 3 years ago!! Time to get off of the merry-go-round.

So that's my week, how was yours?


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