January 25, 2006

It wasn't Kermit

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Kermit the Frog was supposed to be at the Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival last Saturday so we packed up all 5 kids and headed out. Needless to say, he didn't show. When we got home, I read the Saturday morning paper and learned that he had been re-routed and be a no show - but we had fun anyway!!

Life has been busy around here. Although not exciting, having 5 children keeps me busy and the laundry piled high. I'm seriously ready to shed my pack-rat personality and garage sale everything that I've not used, outgrown, am tired of (or even think I may be tired of) looking at. Everything under beds, stuffed in closets, stashed out in the shed needs to go!! If I can't get to it (or remember where I put it)- it doesn't do me any good to have it. At least this is the way I am feeling today. I went over to Peggy's a couple of days ago and she got the cutest SMALL couch! I've used my "decor" money for this year but if I garage sale enough . . .

The next to youngest baby had finally gotten a handle on how to drink a bottle. He doesn't alway remember and tends to just mouth the nipple after his big hunger pains are gone - but at least he is learning.

Last month was TeeTee's first birthday and I finally got a gift off to her. I hope she liked it. S'te said that she would and I hope she is right. I definately dislike being so far from them. I used to know what they wanted, needed, and liked (and what they already have) so I could get gifts that I thought they wanted. Now I have to guess and I feel as tho' their little lives are growing way to fast and I'm missing way to much. A silly old fool, I know, but that's me!!

Well, nap time is over, time to get to work. Take care all.

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Anonymous said...

I will get her picture up. I promise!! Glad you had fun with the frog!!