January 13, 2006

Nothing New

Not much going on here. Our new baby is now 2 weeks old and is still up a couple of times every night. Keith is great with him but could sleep thru a train wreck. So I get up with him. Not that I mind, he is so tiny and sweet and he smells so good!! I love reading what others are doing - when they update - it sounds so refreshing that people actually get out and do things.

I got pictures from my Sister's trip to the Grand Canyon. She agreed that it is so totally awesome!! If there is any one place that I would like to revisit (this is place, not people) it is the Canyon. I am so totally awed by the enormity and beauty of the place.

The Condo finally rented, the diswasher went out, the shower isn't working to their liking, and I have a wonderful daughter that is taking care of it all. Can't do better than that!!! Grandson Makkiah isn't doing as well as I would like - but warmer weather will help, we hope and pray. It sure keeps her busy - I was so lucky to have 2 very, very healthy children.

Dishwasher here has started making odd sounds - repairman will be here today so I have to go clean up. Don't want any bad "reports" circulating!!

One funny thing is - I received a long e-mail from my nephew yesterday - it was all typed in very small print and hard to read - but I gather that he didn't have a really wonderful trip to Vietnam and Cambodia - last April (he evidently doesn't write fast). His story made me thankful that we have what we have and grateful to those who fight for it!! I received one from him on New Year's Eve and he was in Australia. I can't wait until June to read the story of that trip :)

Keep busy and keep typing!!

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