January 8, 2006

Frosty on our new Car!!

Frosty on our new Car!!
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We had FROST this morning. It was in the 80's last week and frosty today. Supposed to be cold for the next couple of days. Today was the twin's birthday so we will officially start the "terrible two's". I hope it is just the official start and nothing more than what they've been up to :-) Sierra had a really hard time figuring out that today was not supposed to be her day too! To try and teach a little sharing - we baked cookies, put a kiss in the middle of each one, and the twins (and of course Sierra) handed them out before Church. They got lots of hugs back so it did make them feel good too. Just what I was trying to do! And we got a new addition just before we left for Church. Frankie joined us. He is 10 days old and a little doll. Sierra and Nick are having a real tough time with the 1-finger rule. Trying to teach them how to touch a baby - with only 1 finger. My daughter taught me that rule. He (Frankie) hasn't done anything but eat and sleep - so the kids are bored with him. Thank goodness. We went to the Truck Stop after church for our lunch - got 2 little pieces of cake and put the "2" candles on them - sang Happy Birthday and let them blow them out!! I know that's cheating but we don't need any more sweets around here!!! And everyone in the dining room sang to them too! Made it feel more like a party than just us. After naps, we let them open their presents and Sierra got one too. I really didn't feel like dealing with her if she didn't get something too. But they will all play with everything anyhow.

Enough about my day, how was yours?

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