January 6, 2006

Friday Already

I am sitting here watching the 3 little ones "color" at the little table that I finally gave up on and moved into the dining room. While in the playroom all they used it for was a trampoline. Amazingly enough they use it more properly out here where we can watch everything they do :). I can't believe it is already the end of the first week of the New Year. I haven't accomplished much but I've stayed outside the boundaries of being lazy. We finally got the outside lights down yesterday so now all of our "Christmas Gear" is packed away for another year. While packing that Gear we unpacked and set up the Gear needed for a new baby. We are "expecting" again. Frankie should arrive on Sunday. We are hoping that he will make it in time for Church. He is scheduled to arrive at 10. So the bassinet and the little crib are now back in place. I just need to get finished with the power-washing of the house. I started it and got 1/2 done before I ran into decorations - and stopped. Since Keith bought the washer and a long brush, it is really easy to do. Then I just have to go back over the windows - again with a long brush and squeegee that Keith got for the RV. Really easy and our house is shining and bright again!! All ready to face whatever this year brings us. And with God's Blessings and Help we will have a good one.

Note: While I'm not paying attention because I am sitting here typing - Willie colored on the wall - I happened to hear the sound and caught him - he is now scrubbing and crying. So much being where I can watch them:)

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