January 3, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Here is wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2006! With that out of the way, the tree is down, the toys are finding spots to stay in, the nice clothes are hung up, the to-small items have been weeded out and put into bins - and we are ready to go!! My spring cleaning seems to happen right after Christmas - so what would you call that? Keith still has to take his lights down outside - if he doesn't do it soon - I guess I'll get the job.

My medical situation is very unstable right now. After days of a HUGE muscle cramp right up the side of my neck and horrible headaches - Keith found a chiropractor for me. Dr. Clark is a very nice man and he has done wonders with the headache. It stays gone from the time I leave his office until way into the night. I did 3 weeks of treatment from him - the down side is - as the "trap" muscle relaxes into a more normal spot - the aches and weakness are back into my hand and forearm. I can't tell you how may dishes I've broken just recently - just can't hang onto them. I'm going to have to try to turn left-handed again - It didn't work last time - but maybe this time :)

I've spent the last several evenings finding out how much I don't know about putting together a video DVD. They make it sound so simple and easy to follow. I remember when there were stepp-by-step on screen instructions (I think they called them Wizards) to help novices. And then you could turn them off when you don't need them anymore!! I would've liked to been able to download some sound clips to fill in on the slideshows so they wouldn't be so boring to look at - but alas, I don't know how to do it!! I hear all about the "stealing" of music, downloading cd's and all that stuff - but I can't figure out how to do it!!! I need a teenager! Only for a few hours - that's about how long I could carry on a conversation with one. My vocabulary exists of NO-NO, STOP, AND sit down. Not to extensive.

Well, kids are tearing something up - it's quiet - I have to see what's up. Someone could write me and let me know "what's up" in thier lives too!!!


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