February 24, 2006

CACA Dudes

I've got a name for my group!!! That's right - its the CACA Dudes. I've got 4 sick boys - all in diapers and all full of caca with every change!!! I'm not kidding. Papa took out a kitchen garbage sack full of caca diapers to the outside rubbish and it wasn't 11 yet. Right now the dudes and dudette are all sleeping the sleep of the fever and flushed. Some with a "virus", one with reflux and one with just caca. Today is had been one end to the other. I'm telling ya - my washer will never be the same and I'm with Monk in the scene where he states - "there's not enough wipes in the world to do this!" and he was even talking about caca. Things will get better - I'm sure of that. No children could possibly keep this up for any legnth of time!!

Our toddlers have met a possible adoptive family. I'm wishy-washy about them. Don't feel like they "clicked" with the kids but the agency is going ahead with it. They will go for a weekend visit this weekend - if the prospects call and make arrangements. I mean - it's almost 2 on Friday afternoon - when are they planning to call? Why wait until bedtime to make the phone call? The worker called and said she approved the visit and that the rest of the arrangements are up to us. Whatever we feel is best for the kids. We feel that the other couple that the "committee" didn't pick are better. But who are we? ?

Lots has happened with my family since my last entry. My sister Sharen and her boyfriend traveled to Chicago due to a tragedy in his family. My condolences to Mitch and his family for their loss. They traveled during the coldest week so far this winter. I watched the news while they were in the midwest and it was SUB-ZERO there. Now, I know it gets cold in Canyonville but I'm sure that was a little uncomfortable even for them. But I was glad to hear that they have returned home safely and no worse for the wear. Makes us all appreciate family ties when tragedy hits like that.

Speaking of weather, it's been in the 80's (86 actually) here. I am rueing this spring. I was hot and sweating yesterday during our trip to the Medical Center with the CACA Dudes. And it is still February. It cooled down to 76 last night and today it is cloudy and only to 80 so I feel better. And my babysitter called to say she WANTS to babysit tonight as she does not have anything else to do (and maybe she is broke!!). So I feel LOTS better now that when I started this post 1 1/2 hours ago!!

Another glad tiding was given to us a couple of days ago - Rod and S'te are expecting again. They are very happy and I am very happy for them. For those who do not read her Money Pit - Rod will be leaving for Bahrain in July for his overseas tour. The happy event is expected to take place in September so he will have a new family member when he returns. And I am confident that he will. Our prayers will definately follow him and I know that their Faith will bring them the help, stregnth, and courage to face the difficult times that there will be. Of course, I will do anything and everything I can (or at least that she wants for me to do) for them and so will Papa. S'te has been fascinated and followed every "big family" story that she could find since she was a little girl (growing up as an only child) and it looks like they are going to be able to write a book of their own :) We all know that there is no limit to a Parent's love - it is endless (of course patience is sometimes a different story) so love for this child will abound.

Now I'm rambling and all the kids are up and Papa is home - so I've got to pretend that I did something besides sit here forever !!!! Happy tidings to all and good afternoon!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have less CACA soon!!! And Rod might just get different orders but we won't know for sure until Tuesday. Fingers crossed!