February 27, 2006


Can I put a book on his butt without causing a problem? No kidding, I'm in the second day after the second night of getting up about every hour to turn L over. He's almost 4 months now, only a few more days, and he has learned to turn from his tummy to his back. It is almost funny to watch. Most babies I've seen lean their heads over and their bodies follow. Not L - he works his butt straight up into the air and then leans his butt and his body follows. He also will not sleep on his back. He also does not give up his screaming. It goes on FOREVER. I tried just leaving him to cry it out and over an hour later he was still laying there on his back - screaming - and I still wasn't sleeping. By then he'd also wakened W (one of the twins), so I went in and put him back on his belly. I wasn't back to our room yet when he had gotten himself turned over again!!! We also went thro this at every nap time today. He is sleeping now but only out of exhaustion I'm sure!!! My thought is that if I put a book on his butt, he won't be able to lift it and turn over (ha ha - good idea huh?). Since he is such a big boy, it would probably have to be a pretty good sized book so I probably shouldn't do it. But it is definitely a thought!!!! I'm sure that as soon as he rests a little he will be "turning it over again".

Other than that - life is good. It was a little cooler - the news has been announcing this "cool front" for several days! It cooled all the way down to 75. I'm excited. Papa actually turned on the heat this morning!!! Of course, by 8:30 when the boys wanted 'side, I turned if off so I could leave the door open and hear what they were doing. I found a couple of trucks and a little slide at a garage sale on Saturday and they've really had some fun with it. It is nice to find something that they enjoy!!

They pulled a new house into the empty space behind us. It may actually buffer some of the I95 noise so I'm kinda liking it. Don't know if it is the house yet or if there just wasn't as much loud traffic as usual - so I'll really withhold judgment on it for right now. It is a new house and looks like a nice one. I haven't really been in a lot of the new homes as I'm not really very good at making friends anymore. The older I get, the more time I seem to spend by myself.

We are getting ready for our next trip. It is planned to be a short hop to San Diego area. I have to go to the doctor there and we also get to see my little girl and her family. I'm getting excited. I haven't seen her since October 1. The longest stretch since boot camp!!!! We will try to get permission to take the babies but the siblings should be in their "forever home" by then - Praise the Lord. It is time for them to have a permanent Mommy and Daddy. We are just tooo old!!!

Papa is feeding PeeWee and watching basketball. March madness is starting!! He really doesn't watch a whole lot the rest of the year - he saves it all for now!

I heard via one of my cousins that the Steinhoff property has sold so now maybe the CC Sheriff's office will be able to take another look there. She said she will contact them to make sure they are aware that no one should mind if they have a more thorough look. That is the one selfish thing I pray for - to know what happened before I die. And of course, to make whatever I can right.

OK, I'm tired and getting morose so I'll sign off for tonight. See ya'll manana! :) BTW here is my solution to the tipping butt!! Maybe he won't be able to tip it with a little pillow on each side of him!! We will see - wish me luck.

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moe said...

I just wanted to say how much I admire you. You sound like wonerful gererous people to take in another family like that. I don't know if I could handle taking babies in and then letting them go on to a new family or worse back to the parent(s) that abused/negelcted them in the first place. I have a friend doing that and she is truly an angel as are you.